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Evaluating academic development in Higher Education

Thu25 May1.00 pm

CAPD Educational Research Seminar

25 May 2017, Room 0.15 Scape East, 438-490 Mile End Road, E1 4GGJennie Winter

Evaluating academic development in Higher Education

Dr Jennie Winter, Educational Developer, University of Plymouth


Increasing emphasis on the professionalisation of university teaching has brought into sharp relief the need to know how ‘good’ teaching and learning evolve in university settings. One key element of this is the delivery of academic development and its impacts on teaching and learning. This seminar reports on the findings of a national research project which underpinned the development of a toolkit resource for evaluating academic development (Kneale et al.2016). The research suggests that evaluation practices vary across the sector and that there is a definitive need across the academic development community for practical guidance and support. Piloting the toolkit with the academic development community revealed consistent challenges to enhancing current evaluation practice. These included the presence and distribution of evaluation expertise and the complex nature of evidencing student learning. These findings informed the final development of the toolkit which advocates for inclusive, holistic and longitudinal evaluation supported by aligned institutional process. There will be opportunity to critique these ideas and consider alternative approaches to evaluating academic development- and to view the toolkit resource (available here).

Dr Jennie Winter is an Educational Developer in the Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory (PedRIO) at Plymouth University and a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. Jennie is interested in a range of academic development themes including inclusivity, education for sustainable development, arts pedagogy and evidencing the impact of academic development. You can find out more about Jennie’s work at this link –