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Teaching and Learning Conference and Drapers' Lecture 2019

Report and Materials from the Teaching and Learning Conference 2019 here.

This year’s conference was an invitation to share thinking and practice that will contribute to achieving greater inclusivity in teaching and learning and to ending differential attainment amongst student groups at Queen Mary.

Full programme here T&LC2019


11:00 – 11.50 Opening Plenary   Mason Lecture Theatre

Welcome – Professor Stephanie Marshall, VP Education

Keynote –  Dr Lucy MercerMapstone, Endeavour Research Fellow at the Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh  Achieving inclusivity by disrupting power asymmetries through student-staff partnership in higher education’

12.00 – 13:30 Alternate Sessions

Participants will be divided into two groups after the plenary to be able to participate in two sessions in succession

Francis Bancroft 1.13a Francis Bancroft 3.26
Each session will last around 45 minutes; then there will be a swap and each group will go into the room of the activity they have not yet done

Coffee and snacks will be served in both places.

Building the Anti Racist Classroom collective (BARC)

In this session BARC will lead us in playing a focused version of a bespoke ‘student journey’ game that addresses how students of colour can experience discrimination and exclusion on campus. The game has been developed using research and focus groups with our undergraduate students at Queen Mary University of London.

Join the conversation on social media @CollectiveBARC #barcworkshop

Record questions and comments during the session on

Achieving Inclusivity Poster Session –

A chance to ask the people behind the posters about their projects.


The posters will be introduced by the project leaders and the poster room will be open to visitors until 16:30


13:30 – 14:00 break – Coffee and small snacks will be available all day in the Foyer and Room 1.13a tea and coffee will be available in/outside the other rooms  as well as cake from 15:30.

Teaching and Learning Conference 2019 Parallel sessions

TIME David Sizer Bancroft 1.13a Bancroft 2.40
14:00 -15:30
Addressing Race


1. Rhoda Yaa Assah Manu

Establishing a safe space for race talk in order to alleviate emotional labour from BME students

2. Safiyah Raja

Reimagining Attainment For All with Students as Co-Researchers and Producers

3. Savannah Blake, Asmara Clark

Re-examining History with the Black Student Voice

Chair: Franklin Tuitt / Ruqiyabi Naz Awan


Teaching Strategies


1.Paula Funnell

Using technology to make the classroom more inclusive

2.Nick Hostettler, James Wilkinson,


Using Jigsaw Classroom learning to foster conversation, a sense of belonging, and enhanced attainment


Chair: Ana Baptista



Understanding diversity of experience

1.Mohamed Elerian,

Sally Hashim Yousif Bayoumi Mohammed, Salve Raquel Salvana

Capturing the student voice on the issues faced by commuter students

2. Nadia Ahmed

Disabled staff-student, encouraging greater equality in educational participation and success

3. Sima Akter, Mariyah Kulsum, Nadia Hussain

BreakThrough! A student-led intervention tackling Bangladeshi women’s poor graduate outcomes


Chair: Helen Bintley

15:30-15:40 Break Break Break
15:40 – 17:10 Making a difference


1.Candace Skelton

Achieving Greater Inclusivity and Ending Differential Attainment

2.Jayne Dennis,

Metacognition: Raising attainment for all students

3. Efemwenkieke Stephanie Uwadiae, Abdul-Azeez Oladimeji Ganiyu,

Imaan Bint Alyas Karmani

Student Research into Issues Affecting BAME Students


Chair: Karen Shoop


Promoting Wellbeing


1. Ania Korszun

WellMed 18 – Promoting wellbeing and resilience in the medical curriculum

2.Aiva Aksentyte

World Café – an approach to exploring student diversity and wellbeing

3. Heidrun Bien, Maria Turri, Rida Zahra, Gulce Sakallioglu

The Wellbeing sessions at the Centre for Psychiatry (Wolfson Institute): An extracurricular project co-run by students and staff to improve students’ wellbeing.

Chair: Ania Korszun

Creating inclusive curricula


1. Ahmed Kazmi,

A case study in student directed curriculum revision

2.Antonios Kaniadakis, Ana Cabral, Seymour Wright, James Donohue

Towards staff-student partnerships and peer-led learning in EECS: an experience with demonstrators in a core first-year module

Chair: Kelly Peake

17:20  Drapers’ Lecture       Mason Lecture Theatre

Dr Franklin A. Tuitt, University of Denver    Re-imagining Higher Education in Challenging Times: Designing Inclusive Learning Environments where Racial and Ethnic Minority Students Matter and Thrive’

The lecture will be preceded by a short film, ‘We are your students’.

18:40  Queen Mary Education Excellence Awards and President and Principal’s Prizes with Food and Drinks Reception     Mucci’s, Library Square

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