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Drama for Teaching and Working in Academia

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Improve your teaching and presentation skills using drama techniques

The relationship between acting and teaching is profound. The overlapping concepts of performance, projection, embodiment, narrative and entertainment influence greatly our understanding of the role of the teacher. The teacher should be able to adopt and embrace practices of the acting profession that can enhance not only the role of the teacher but also the teaching itself. Through engaging with dramatic practices, the role as teacher can be developed in such way that the ‘teaching identity’ qualitatively affects the engagement and learning of students.

I offer tailored drama workshops for Academic Staff that is based on my research into this specific need of professional development.

By introducing staff to methods of dramatic storytelling, stagecraft and especially voice training I can help them develop an awareness about:

  • How controlling their voice affects their presence as teachers
  • How to utilise the teaching space to engage with the students
  • Learn how to listen in a constructive way through scene work
  • To gain confidence when presenting as their academic persona, be it in the classroom or when presenting research.

I will design workshops specific to the needs of your staff based on different approaches

1.   Train your voice for teaching

2.   Using dramaturgy to design seminars and lectures

3.   Stagecraft for performance in academia (practical)

4.   Creating an academic persona




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