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Academic Development Summer School and Writing Retreat

Reflecting on your teaching practice and working towards Higher Education Academy Fellowship

When? 15-19 July 2019


Where? Scape Building, Mile End Campus, Queen Mary University of London


What? The Summer School and Writing Retreat is an opportunity to: reflect on your teaching practice; engage with key ideas in learning and teaching pedagogy; consider ways of evaluating your practice; and focus on starting, progressing or completing a claim for Higher Education Academy fellowship (Associate/ Fellowship/ Senior). 

There will be a degree of autonomy in deciding how you want to make use of the summer school; by participating in structured sessions or choosing to work in a more independent, focused, but supported way to consolidate your professional practice.

The structure of the summer school will comprise three streams (click on the relevant stream for more information/ booking):

Stream 1: Summer School

Stream 2: Writing Retreat

Stream 3: Writing Retreat Plus


Why? The Academic Development Summer School and Writing Retreat provides the space to reflect on your teaching practice and pursue HEA fellowship, whether through thinking about the focus of a claim for fellowship or writing a fellowship application. This serves as relevant career development through which your contribution to high quality teaching and learning is recognised and is a transferable CPD asset.


Who is it for? It is open to staff who teach and support learners. This includes academic staff, both new and experienced, teaching associates, and professional services staff involved in teaching and supporting student learning. Identifying and protecting space for professional development activity can be challenging. The summer school offers an invaluable opportunity by providing dedicated space, free from other commitments, to reflect on your teaching practice.


Registration is now closed. Those who have registered will be contacted shortly. 

Contact us: If you have any questions or would like any further information about the Summer School, please contact Dr Alison Gilmour.


Follow us: Follow the development of the summer school plans on twitter #acdevsummer

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