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Admissions and Enrolment

Applications to start in January 2019 are open. The deadline for admissions is strictly 9 November (17.00 BST). For queries in the meantime, please email the Admissions Team.

Please consult the Admissions Process Guidance below to see the stages of the admissions process.

This information is aimed at QMUL staff and those teaching QMUL students.  External participants should apply to the distance learning programme.

Admissions process guidance

Step 1 – Check Eligibility

First please check your eligibility for the programmes.

You must be teaching QMUL students for at least 10 hours in the academic year you start the course, in order to meet the observation requirements for the core module and be eligible for a free place.

To complete the PGCert in Academic Practice or PGCert in L&T in HE participants need to be convening a module or contracted to do so.

Step 2 – Fill in the application web form and submit

Fill in the details as required by the form, including your personal details and the details of your most recent qualifications.

Click on this link to access the application web form.

Step 3 – Reference

Once we receive your application, we will write to your referee to request their confirmation of your eligibility. All references much be received by 16 November (17.00 BST)

You can improve your chances of having a complete application before the admissions deadline, and thus of securing a place, if you ask your referee to send an email from their QMUL email address with your full name in the email title confirming your eligibility as soon as you submit your application.

Please make sure your referee confirms your eligibility to take the programme as stated above.

Step 4 – HESA Fees Questionnaire

Before you can be made a formal offer by Central Admissions, you will need to fill in a fees questionnaire for essential HESA data gathering. You will not be charged fees on our face-to-face programmes but it is essential that you complete the form.

Enrolling and getting started

Step 5 – Formally accepting your offer 

Once Central Admissions sends you your formal place offer, you need to accept that separate formal place offer by following the instructions in the offer email.

If you’ve been told you will be offered a place, you’ll need to look out for and accept your place. If you don’t formally accept your place within the notified timeframe, your application cannot be processed and you won’t be able to undertake your studies.

Step 6 – Pre-enrolment and Enrolment tasks for QMUL Registry

Once you’ve accepted your offer, your details will be passed on to QMUL Registry who will ask you to complete a short pre-enrolment and enrolment task online.

You will need to follow their instructions and complete the tasks in order to have a fully functioning student ID and access to all of the online resources on our programmes. Our Programme Induction will be on 9 January 2019 and you should complete your pre-enrolment tasks before this date.

Step 7 – Attend Induction on 9 January 2019

To welcome each new cohort, Educational Development runs an induction day, which introduces new participants to the programme, its requirements and what it involves, as well as what we can offer you.

It’s really important that you attend Induction – it’s a vital chance to meet Educational Development tutors and fellow participants and for you to ask any questions you have.


Step 8 – Check out the course materials on QMPlus

Once you are fully enrolled you will be sent IT account details, which should enable you to log in to QMplus, our Virtual Learning Environment. On QMPlus you can access the readings, module information and the forums where you will need to post work and discuss with peers. QMPlus is also the platform on which you submit assignments, so it’s vital that you have access and make sure you can log in.

Log in at and if you can’t log in, email with your username (starting in yd).

You should be added to the module area for your chosen module and be able to view the materials there in preparation for your first seminar. If not, contact the team and they will add you. If you are already a QMUL staff member, your staff account should be added as well as your new student account, so you will see your CILT/PGCert material and your own material under the same account.



If you are registered for more than one year you will be asked to re-enrol. You will receive an email reminder but this will come to your QMUL student account (ending in or So it’s a good idea to set up forwarding from this account to your main address.

When you get the reminder, login to MySIS with your student details (not your staff details, if you have them) and choose “My Enrolment” from the homepage. You can watch a video of this process at .

Please make sure you keep up to date with your student email account and re-enrol when prompted, otherwise you will be de-registered from the programme.


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