Academic Development

  • Academic Development was formed in 2017 as the result of the restructure of teams in the former CAPD, Student Services and Human Resources. Headed by Sally Mitchell, it is made up of the following five teams:
    • Educational Development, led by Carole Davis (located in Scape East)
    • the E-Learning Unit, led by Brett Lucas (Acting Head for Stella Ekebuisi) (located in Scape East)
    • Engagement, Retention and Success, led by Elena DiMascio (Interim Head) (located in the Library)
    • Learning Development, led by Kelly Peake (located in the Library)
    • Researcher Development, led by Anna Price (located in Scape East).
  • Activity across the Academic Development teams concentrates on a number of key areas:
    • enhancing student experience and educational equality;
    • improving research and educational practices and outcomes
    • developing staff in their academic and academic support roles.
    • The teams work through a combination of formal programmes and projects, collaborative partnerships with individuals and Schools, and hands-on and strategic support for University initiatives
  • Professional Development, led by Ian Roberts, is now part of Human Resources.
    Academic Development is part of the Student and Academic Services directorate (SAS), led by Sarah Cowls.


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